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So i was just in the car putting some money in the bank in built up traffic with cars behind me and a four wheel drive in front of me, the fur wheel drive indicates to go left while driving forward, he then decides to reverse out of nowhere to try and squeeze into a very small spot to his left the only problem is that i'm behind him in built up traffic so he shouldn't be reversing right? well luckily for him he thought he could be a monster truck and reverse of the front of my car to get in the car park and then has a shocked look on his face when he hits me easily and puts marks all over the front of the car, bare in mind i had no room for reversing because of the aforementioned built up traffic.

So then he gets out of the car with his stupid wife who has a scowl on her face like it could possibly be my fault and the guy who resembles bjorn rebney in every way tells me that I should have went around even though I ad no room to reverse or get on the other side of the road where cars are driving in the opposite direction anyway, so I said don't think it's a little silly to keep reversing when there's a car right behind you clearly like your a monster truck, he had a guilty sorry look on his face and said i'm sorry your right, I have a look at the damage and it's only a lot of tire marks so I said because you haven't been a dick and this can easily come off I won't get insurance matters involved so he said thank you and I finally had room to get ahead of him and that was that.

Some people I swear are missing more chromosomes then they should to be able to drive.

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