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Originally Posted by Ari View Post
I get what you're saying (I really do and I mean no disrespect with my post), but until we're presented with legitimate evidence (a formal diagnosis from a liscenced psychologist), then we truly don't know if Diaz has social anxiety or not even though there is evidence tha supports both SAD and APD. A great number of people have a few symptoms that may fit a profile of a certain psychological ailment, but may not have it. My older brother swears up and down that he has NVLD (Nonverbal Learning Disorder) because he's terrible at reading body language and can't do Math to save his life. But he doesn't really have it, just some of the traits/symptoms.

I'm not saying Diaz does or does not have SAD because I'm an accountant, not a psychologist. But I still don't think it excuses his ridiculous behavior. Sorry.
I'm not saying it's an excuse for his behaviour, but it's some kind of reasoning behind the behaviour to help understand it.

You don't need to be a psychologist to diagnose or tell if some one has SA or low self esteem in all honesty. It's not some complex mental condition like autism which would need proper and thorough diagnosing. Like I said, most people in the world with SA will certainly not have some psych's diagnoses for it, they will have diagnosed themselves.

I have no idea what NVLD is so can't comment on that.

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GrappleRetarded, ease up on dem copied replies dude

seriously - 2009 called & they want their copypasta back
Hey, the old ones are the best man. You should know that.
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