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Originally Posted by BruceBlbstajn View Post
I do have a job, but between my school (I'm on gymnazium, which is like the best kind of school before going to college, meaning I have like 9 hours per day) and my trainings I have like zero extra time. I can work like two times per week, and only few people actually give me a job. I do a blood and plasma donate, which is cool. But I can't do it more often then I actually would..
Well clearly you intend to take a few months off before going to college and try to pursue fighting in that time, why not just take a couple more months off before you go to scrape together enough money? I had an aquaintance from high school who is a pro mma fighter now and made the trip to thailand after school, and that's how he did it. If you're planning on just doing it over the summer, work this summer and go the next, one more year training and fighting at home won't kill you.

I'm sorry I just don't see why a young, educated, able bodied chap like you needs a handout just to follow a career. If you're not even willing to work a few months and cut back expenses to put together the trip, I don't know what kind of work you'd put into something like actually becoming K1 champ. That kind of thing takes far more hard work than putting in a few months in waitering / delivery / construction / realty etc. If you can't even put in that small initial part of the effort and hardship, I don't see how you intend to weather the years if not decade+ of hardship it will take to become a K1 champ.

You sound like you're from Eastern Europe (mentioned fighting a top slovakian pro - any chance we could get a name / record for this guy or a video btw?), and i know the economy is bad most places, but I find it hard to believe it's bad enough that a fit and non-crazy looking young kid like you can't even get a McDonalds / Walmart type job let alone the many waitering / delivery / construction type jobs that are usually around regardless of economy. It's not like you're gunning for senior or managerial type positions or anything.

Construction usually pays quite a bomb if you can get that, and the physical work should give you a good headstart on your strength and conditioning. I knew guys in high school that did it to fund their athletic careers and dreams, so IMHO that'd be a good idea.

Add to all this the number of online money scams nowadays from Moldavia etc. among other places in eastern europe /south asia / africa (no disrespect to those countries and their majority of good people), and there is another dimension to online pleas such as yours. You're probably legit, but it'd be nice to see some clear personal pics alongside your pro fight videos to verify your story. Just to make sure you didn't google up and put up the first amateur fight video you could find and start asking for moneys.

I don't mean to come off as harsh, I truly do wish you the best of luck in your journey and hope you achieve your dream. I just don't think this is the way to go about it, and I agree with what No Mercy said too. If you work hard and make it on your own (which is really the only way you CAN make something so high) the journey will be that much sweeter.

I'm all about helping out, but you don't seem to need it, and there are many others that really do. Heck leave alone the money, the cause itself is not unavoidable for your dream. It's not so much where you train, it's how and how hard. The techniques will be much the same in thailand, and two months of training there won't transform you into Badr Hari. Fedor became the #1 mma fighter in the world training out of backwoods Russia, and Jon Jones knocked guys out in his early pro career with muay thai he taught himself from youtube and books.

Best of luck and best wishes bro.
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