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Originally Posted by Punishment 101
Believe it or not, but Tito actually poses a bigger threat to Chuck then Wand does especially in the UFC...

Its a waste of time eh ??? its funny when Rogan asked Chuck "what keeeps you stilll fighting ? and what motivates you ?" the 1st answer that came out if his mouth was "that big headed guy"(Tito Ortiz of course) so what the helll does that tell you , if TITO WASNT A FREAKIN THREAT TO Chuck , then Chuck wouldnt even have Tito on his mind... you ppl that look at the first fight and write Tito off in the 2nd are prettty dumb... also , what exactly lead to the KO of Tito Ortiz @47 ? ? ? oh thats right a freaking thumb to the eye , these guys still have unfinished business the 1st fight wasnt conclusive, Tito is the legit #1 contender. stfu tito haters

You do realize this PR work right?

For weeks on end Chuck has been telling everybody how he's dying to fight Wand. Unless you live under a rock you would of heard 10x that it seems that this fight is not going to happen. So naturally, I think Chuck (as with most people) likes money...its only logical to say you want to fight the 2nd most marketable guy in the UFC and make a ton of cash again. Based on their last fight, there is zero reason for Chuck to give a damn about a rematch.

However, Tito looks commited again. I think if he closes the gap on Chuck it could be a really interesting fight and without a doubt Ortiz is a legitmate contendor. But don't think for a second that Chuck is so concerned about Tito like he made it out to be.....thats to excite the fans (ie/ you).

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