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Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
he could have fought weidman instead of bonnar so don't use the injured excuse, he could have fought henderson again when that was an option after 139, he could have fought chael right away when he got back and are you really gonna try and oppose me here when silva fought maia,leites and cote as part of his 3 title defenses and he wants cung le and a much smaller guy in gsp?
Weidman has been a contender for all of 3 minutes. How is that ducking? The dude has had a single solitary fight that could be considered high quality. Laughable.

And its all very well pointing to Maia, Leites and Cote. During that period, who else was there? Who exactly was Silva ducking when he had those 3 fights?

And as for Chael. He fecking beat the c*unt. The c*unt then got banned... then banned again. And you want him to come back to a title shot? Really? And if Silva doesnt agree to fight him right away, that's ducking?
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