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Originally Posted by epi_zakk
I've been training Muay Thai for around 5 months now and MMA for about 2. Just got my training partner to take a pic and a short video of me training. Hope you enjoy

YouTube - cris on the bag
I'll bet all my points that after you threw this kick, you lost your balance. Am I right? First and foremost the hand thats behind your back should be extended in front of you facing the bag, and the hand that is up in the air should be tucked in and proecting your chin.

Secondly, as you throw the kick, your opposite leg should be slightly bent at the knee, and you should be pivoting your foot to the left slightly. As you kick the bag, remeber your not trying to tap it, your trying to drive through it. So when you get to the bag don't stop, follow through!!!!!

This should help you keep your balance. Remember not everybody can throw a high kick like cro cop!
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