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I dislike Dan but partially agree with his assessment. It seems like Anderson does actively try to avoid wrestlers ... he wins in the end, but they give him a tough time, and one day he might not.

Don't agree with the Rockhold bit, but I feel Weidman is another elite wrestler that Anderson has been trying to dodge lately via his mouthpiece Soares, hoping Weidman loses and automatically solves his problem.

Originally Posted by marcthegame View Post
Lol Dan Henderson has been on a tear since losing to Jake Sheilds, but Anderson Silva will still kick his ass 10 times out of 10, henderson has no wrestling anymore and no cardio, all he is a dude with a massive h bomb, which i remember

As for Chris Wiedman let's be real he may be the only true talent left at MW, but would anyone put their lifesaving that he will beat Anderson? Your take away the chael fights, Anderson Silva has never came close to losing, or has even been in a situation where your like o shit he's going to lose.

Any man that can KO forrest with a slap, make vitor hands look like an amateur, finish bonnar...the list goes on, but when Anderson fights he truly makes professional ufc fighters look like they belong in a Kimbo Slice youtube video.
That's the point, all of those guys you mention are STAND UP FIGHTERS. No one is going to beat Anderson standing up, never ever, not even close. Not unless he's fighting at 50 with a walking stick.

Take away the Sonnen fights (wrestler), and you have Hendo (wrestler) who won the first round, Lutter (Grappler with good wrestling) who won the first and had him mounted, and Takase - long time ago and a can as far as overall MMA goes, but great wrestling and top control, who beat him badly.

You have to look at MMA from a style perspective ... of course Anderson can make stand up all stars look like clowns, that's the point of the thread. It's the wrestlers he doesn't look stellar against, and it's a big coincidence there are so few in such a long career.
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