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Originally Posted by K R Y View Post
He looked pretty good against Hendo and Chael (2nd fight) imo. Made them both look stupid. What did Hendo actually do in the first round? Exactly the same as Chael did in the first round of their second fight. Nothing.

Why should Andy be in a rush to fight Weidman now? Weidman maybe the biggest prospect at 185 at the moment, but he has ONE decent win. ONE. When a guy is 16-0 in the UFC with 10 title defenses, why should he rush to fight THAT guy?

Yes Weidman vs Silva is a fight I want to see, but does it really matter if he actually has to beat a couple top contenders first?

The same people rushing for Weidman are the same ones laughing at Hendricks for getting passed over. Shocking.
Why should he get to pick his fights as champ though?

Yeah like you said, he has nothing to gain by fighting Weidman, but by that logic we should get to see nothing but an endless array of Cotes and Leites level guys being fed to Anderson just because he doesn't want to lose. And that's when you get the situation we have in boxing, with these primadonnas dodging each other and having pristine records. I can see why Anderson would want that, but why would you as a fan approve of that?

Weidman doesn't have to put together any more contender wins, he is 5-0 in the UFC with two wins over top 5 MWs (Maia and Munoz), that is more than enough to warrant title shots for just about anyone else.

If it doesn't satisfy Anderson, so what? That shouldn't be his call. If he's healthy, he just needs to defend his belt and fight the most deserving guy, period. And in the MW division, that's clearly Weidman, no other MW right now has the streak this guy has.

It's bad for the sport when a champ gets to pick his fights, just look at boxing.

As far as GSP jumping Hendricks, I'm against that too. He's one of my favorite fighters, but this champs picking fights BS needs to stop if the sport of MMA is to remain a sport. Do the defending NFL champs get to pick which team they face in the finals? Do they get to say, "Nah, the Patriots suck, so what if they made the finals ... give them another few rounds. I don't feel like it round now, got nothing to gain".

The only scenario where I would agree with the champ denying a challenger is if the challenger has been recently busted for cheating/steroids, in that case the champ has every right to make the cheat work his way back instead of having to most likely fight an unrepentant roid gorilla right after his token suspension is over.
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