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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
Why should he get to pick his fights as champ though?
He doesn't. Sure, he has a little moan here and there, but end of the day, its up to Dana. And the last thing that Dana said is that Weidman is one of two fighters in line for the next shot.

When has Silva ever refused a fight the UFC have offered him? He says lots of stuff between fights about various fighters. But once the UFC put a fight on the table he takes it. Everybody acts like the reason he didnt rematch Chael immediately was because he refused. The UFC never offered him Chael straight after his suspension. Silva said he would rather not give him a shot straight away, but the fight was never on the table to begin with. I'm sure the UFC didn't want to give him a shot right away either.

Yes. Anderson Silva doesn't like fighting wrestlers. But he has fought several and beaten them all via finishes.

All of this nonsense about him dodging is based on him having a little moan between fights. The reality is he hasnt dodged shit. They have all lined up and all been taken down.

Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
no lyoto wont be doing anything significant to dan let alone sleep him, anderson didn't sleep him the first time
Thats because a large man dressed in black interrupted just as the magic was starting to happen.
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