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Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
i'm sick of your lies whorebiscuit and for no reason at all take this
Your jibes cannot deter me, my surfboard headed seaweed barbecue friend.

Because when it comes down to it... this idea that Silva ducks is full of guff. Ive asked 1780 times. Name them. These mystical beasts that Silva has been ducking. And all I get back, from the back of the room, is some mumbling with the occasional "Chael" and "Hendo" thrown in. Poor examples considering Chael fought him twice in two years ( one of which he was banned for fecks sake ) ... and Hendo? The only person who ever said Silva wont fight Hendo is fecking Hendo. If somebody has an interview with Silva quoted, get it out now.

Otherwise... please. Stop with this utter nonsense. Ive had enough of these old c*unts with dysfunctional testicles. Whining about what Silva should do. Go whine to Dana. Whine to somebody who can actually do something about it. You tried to bait Silva into asking for you, but its not working. Now feck off and go inject yourself with some more greatly needed man-juice.
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