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It's all about the matchups. Let's say, hypothetically, that there are 2 teams. We'll call them team A and team B. There are eight fighters on each team, and they are approximately equal, rank for rank.

1A = 1B
2A = 2B
3A = 3B
4A = 4B
5A = 5B
6A = 6B
7A = 7B
8A = 8B

Now, if you were the coach of team A, and you were dictating the matchups, you could fight your best guy against team B's 2nd best guy, your 2nd best guy against team B's 3rd best guy, etc. Your last guy gets reamed by the best guy from team B, but you've won 7/8 fights. It would look like this:

1A > 2B
2A > 3B
3A > 4B
4A > 5B
5A > 6B
6A > 7B
7A > 8B
8A < 1B

Now obviously, things aren't this simple. If you wanted your guys to have a bigger advantage, you could sacrifice your bottom 2 or 3 guys to give your top 5 or 6 guys a bigger advantage. But the team that is dictating the matchups has a HUGE advantage. I think that that's the primary reason for the discrepancy so far.
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