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Originally Posted by m0nkey View Post
If they bring in skateboarding.. BMXing and Inline skaters are going to kick up a fuss of why there sport isnt an olympic sport, not that i agree skateboarding should be anyway, since theres not really a competetive edge to it like the other olympic sports, aswell as that i expect itl only be Vert. Not slamming either of the sports i used to skate, but to have that in the olympics and take out wrestling would leave me rather
It's merely an opinion cuz I'll actually watch it. Of course wrestling shouldn't be taking out so I'll opt for skateboarding or karate.

I have no clue why this is even happening, but if it's to build more viewers skateboarding is pretty big especially with the younger demo. It's not even a debate though, no matter what sport comes in people will be poo pooing it.

This takes some acrobatics to land.

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