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The question is did you watch the first fight? Tito got KTFO. Atleast with Babalu it was a high kick....Horn has KOd Griffin with a high kick, but what are the chances that happens again? From your posts it doesn't seem like you know much more then what comes on UFC unleashed . You think Sonnen and MVA were the top names he beat? How bout Prangley, Shogun and Horn? The last 2 guys alone are better then what Tito has fought since his loss to Chuck....Vitor has been crap for a long time, Cote is a TUF 4 cast member who fights @ 185, Forrest nearly won, and Shamrock's last victory was in the WWE....

I said to you that Tito is still a tough fight but don't try to undermine Babalu when he had much more reason to be in there. Plus use your head.....Chuck doesn't say a single word about Tito for months but suddenly the Wand fight is off, and its the reason he continues to fight . Come on don't act like a TUF gnub....I'm not saying you are, but you're sure being gullable.

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