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Originally Posted by OU View Post
I guess it's the unique situation I have with Rampage. I like Rampage. I just like Chuck, Wandy and Hendo more. So often times I was rooting against him. But I still consider myself a Rampage fan. A little different still since you admit you don't like Hendo very much...which is kind of in the same category as closet hate IMO.
But I absolutely think nationality plays a major part in fandom on this board. It's really an extreme difference between the thoughts on this board compared to all others I have ever seen. This board is has by far the most non-American(don't know any better way to put it) then any other board I have been on. With that there crazy differences in fighter love and hate.
Maybe you don't see it or it just appears normal to you. But it's not and there is something to it. I ain't mad, rep who you wanna rep. When I say that it's not directed at you personally. I don't think nationality is the only factor. Machida has many fans all over and he isn't the only one. However I think you are underselling it's impact on this board as a whole. Again though, there is nothing wrong with that, it's not a negative, it's just how it is.
My dislike for Hendo isn't closet hate at all. I dislike many fighters that are British also(Used to be a big Daley fan, now I can't stand him. Bisping is better than he used to be, but I still wouldn't class myself as a fan, especially with the bitching at Vitor lately, who, I also don't like that much :P ). Do I closet hate them as well? I actually really love watching Hendo fight. It's just he's beaten so many of my favourite fighters (Shogun, Fedor, Wanderlei), and I don't warm to him in interviews. He comes off as a bit of a dick to me.

Maybe the love for Hendo on the big American boards has more to do with nationality than it does here

Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
I'm European.

Dan Henderson is a twat.

Would I think he was a twat if he was British? Probably not.

Do I care that I'm prejudiced? Not even slightly.

This is sport baby. The only avenue we have left for prejudice. But im sure the PC police will soon put an end to that.
And there goes my entire arguement.

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