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Originally Posted by Cowgirl View Post
If I sat here and said "I'd be prepared to take a beating for it" then I'd be talking more foolish than you when you make these generalizations. At the end of the day, all the limited by comparison training I have still wouldn't help me take a beating from Nick Diaz. It isn't a matter of being prepared to take a beating, it's a matter of principle. Let me sum it all up here, I would not outwardly disrespect him for no reason, however if he started talking shit, I would say "run Diaz run." Just because you wouldn't, for whatever reason, does not mean that the rest of us share your outlook.

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But the thing is you really wouldn't, and neither would deadman or any one else in this thread. You wouldn't say jack shit to his face and you know it.

And the principle? Principle of what? Nick talking trash about GSP in the fight game might I remind you, where hype and trash talk sells fights. So he starts trashing GSP and your "principles" take over and you shout out "Run Diaz run". Again, what bloody principle?

I don't know what you or the hand feeding Lion deadman are trying to prove here to strangers on the internet. Deadman is trying to prove that he's not a "coward" because he would talk shit to Diaz's face and has hand fed grown wild Lions and apparently verbally challenged Matt Hughes. You'd do it just on the principle. This is just hilarious. Until the day comes where I witness you and deadman approach Nick Diaz in person (on video) and start trash talking him to his face, then you can expect me not to believe a single word of what you say you would do in that situation.

Any ways, I've got Lions to feed. Might have a wrestle with some of the silverback Gorillas down at Chester Zoo whilst I'm at it.
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