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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
Who's calling him a power puncher? No, he doesn't hit as hard as Hendricks. But it's silly to claim that he doesn't hit hard period. One punch floored Dan Hardy and one punch put Rory on his arse. There's differing degrees of power. Condit's might not be as insane as Big Rig's but he's still a hard hitter.
From the post about trading left hooks with Condit, it was implied that Hendricks won't be able to match Condit with punching power (or at least that's how I interpreted the post), no?

I never said Condit doesn't hit hard, of course he hits hard, that's why he has a bunch of KO/TKO's on his record, but to think he has the same kind of freakish power Hendricks possesses is just being naive. He doesn't hit any where near as hard as Hendricks, he has that freaksh kind of power only few fighters posses.

Also when did Condit put Rory on his ass with a punch? I don't ever remember that. I remembered Condit scoring a take down in a scramble with Rory and then busting Rory up bad with GNP from the top positions, I didn't ever recall Condit dropping Rory.
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