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Originally Posted by Cowgirl View Post
Trash talking to hype a fight if you're going go to all of the events leading up to the fight is one thing. Talking trash and not backing it up is quite another, that's the principle, backing up what you say. This is my last post on the matter because just as I know I would say this thing to Diaz's face, I really don't need you to believe it for it to be true. If you want video proof, feel free to arrange a meet up for me, I live in Kentville Nova Scotia, Canada.

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What do you mean not backing it up? When does Diaz not back his trash talk up? He turns up to his fights and he stands in front of the other person and tries to beat them up until they fall over and give in. He has an iron chin and is virtually unfinishable in his weight class.

Nick Diaz doesn't back things up because he no shows press conferences and count down shows. Fantastic logic. Let me know when Diaz no shows a fight.

I don't care about where you live and no I won't be coming to pay you a visit.

You come on an online message board and try to tell me you'd talk trash to Nick Diaz's face. I'm not ever going to believe this under any circumstances.
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