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Originally Posted by BlueLander View Post
I actually have to agree with Cowgirl. I know several people in my life who simply have balls of steel. They aren't scared in the slightest to smack talk or speak their mind to a celebrity fighter directly to their face. I'll admit I prob wouldn't have the balls to say such things to a pro fighters face, but to say no one in the world would is absolutely false. If I know several people in my small little bubble of a world, there absolutely is a large percentage of people overall who really could do it without a flinch.
I never said there are no people in the world that wouldn't do such a thing, and you're talking about people you know in your personal life. I also know wild people IRL that wouldn't hesitate to talk shit to a fighters face. But my friend, this is an online internet forum, not reality, and when some random member starts talking about they'd talk trash to a professional fighters face, the chances are, they're most likely full of shit.

This is the INTERNET folks. Do you think that if I crossed paths with deadmanshand in real life that we'd immediately start grappling like a couple of silver back gorillas? NO. We'd probably laugh our asses off at some of the shit we said to each other on THE INTERNET and have a merry old time.
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