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Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
yuck skateboarding is not a sport stop it
I agree, others will not. I'd describe it as more of an athletic hobby, or "thing to do". Parkour isn't a sport, but requires skill and core body strength -- neither is skateboarding.

There is already the X-games for all those "extreme" sports. I don't see what the point of putting them in the olympics is. They have the X-games crowd, leave it at that.

I was pretty surprised to hear wrestling will be removed from the olympics - it's a pretty traditional sport that has existed for a long time, and popular outside of the USA collegiate scene too. I'd be curious to know the reasons. They kept the "modern pentathalon" - a sport that combines fencing, horse riding, swimming, running and shooting. Kind of a joke if you ask me - more and more why the olympics is becoming un-watchable. Replacing the Olympics with the X-games isn't the answer either.
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