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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
Its absurd this is still being discussed, seriously how can this discussion still be going on? "You wouldn't walk up and trash talk Diaz like that in person!!" No shit, guess what most people wouldn't walk up and talk shit like that to 100 pound weakling because its just not how human beings interact, if it some how came up in a conversation I would absolutely not be scared Diaz would physically confront me . Please come off this whole Diaz would Stockton slap you, please get real Diaz is hated do your realize how many fans likely talk shit to him on a pretty much daily basis? If Diaz ran around slapping everybody who looked at him funny the guy would be in jail by now. I don't know what part of your POV is the most absurd but the fact its still being discussed is laughable at best.

Now back relative to topic you said that Diaz backs up his trash talk but guess what he showed up to all his press obligations in the past something he hasn't done with GSP. He wasn't having anxiety attacks that were preventing him from living up to his job obligations. When he gets booked to fight GSP that starts and he fails to live up to his obligations because he is looking for an out. Diaz doesn't believe he has a chance of winning and losing the opportunity to fight GSP again allows him to save face. I truly believe that is true.

And because its web forum and opinons are kinda the point.
Run Diaz Run.
You actually think that all of these online internet Diaz haters approach him on a daily basis and talk shit to his face? Good lord, what kind of reality do you live in? You know why you don't hear stories of Nick beating up random fans for talking shit to his face? Because NONE of them have the damn balls to do it, that's why. They sit on the internet and bash in the form of youtube comments and online forum posts, but when push comes to shove, they won't do a damn thing.

The closest thing on video to a fan trash talking Diaz came from a fan at the weigh ins of the Nate/Diaz - Jim Miller fight. Some moron is at the crowd in the weigh ins recording the entire thing and he starts shouting out to Nate and Nick insulting them from the crowd. Nick catches on, hears the moron talking trash, gives him the evil eye and approaches the fan whilst he was walking back stage. Can you guess what happened next? Soon as Nick made eye contact, he went as quiet as a church mouse and shut the **** up, just like every other god damn internet warrior would do in the exact same situation

I think it's hilarious you think Diaz has a legion of haters that insult him on a daily basis in real life to his face.

Diaz has missed press conferences and media obligations in the past also, not just for the GSP fights. Do some damn research.
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