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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
Get real. Dana may decide who Anderson fights but can't force WHEN he fights.

Anderson can sit on the shelf for years and wait for legit contenders like Weidman to eliminate themselves with bad style matchups, all while Anderson dicks around beating glorified cans in a LHW division he has no business or serious plans in, or decides to "take it easy" for a year or two. wtf? How about you give your belt up in that case if you wanna take it easy and leave a division stalled for absolutely no reason.

Why isn't he defending his MW belt for OVER A YEAR when he's PERFECTLY HEALTHY?? Give me ONE OTHER CHAMP that has done this while under contract and not injured in any shape or form.

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well looks like i don't need to say anything further since liddellemelianenko nailed it, an example of this is sonnen vs silva 2 was meant actually happen at 136 but because of anderson's posturing and being difficult he took the okami fight instead

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