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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
Get real. Dana may decide who Anderson fights but can't force WHEN he fights.

Anderson can sit on the shelf for years and wait for legit contenders like Weidman to eliminate themselves with bad style matchups, all while Anderson dicks around beating glorified cans in a LHW division he has no business or serious plans in, or decides to "take it easy" for a year or two. wtf? How about you give your belt up in that case if you wanna take it easy and leave a division stalled for absolutely no reason.

Why isn't he defending his MW belt for OVER A YEAR when he's PERFECTLY HEALTHY?? Give me ONE OTHER CHAMP that has done this while under contract and not injured in any shape or form (and don't give me Couture, because that was him trying to walk out of the org and break his contract, different story). Why is Soares making whining noises every time Weidman's name comes up, even when this guy has the best win streak in UFC MW HISTORY apart from Anderson himself?

Anderson is an amazing fighter and yes he usually beats everyone thrown at him including most of the handful of wrestlers he's faced, but he took a bloody pounding from Sonnen the first time and lost badly to Takase all those years ago. He's only human, and has a lot to lose. Why take risks when you can coast off into the sunset as GOAT while beating has been brawlers?

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck ...
Name me one other champ who has so utterly cleared out his division. The only legit contender is Weidman and he's injured. I really dont understand your point.

Bones is close to clearing out his division and hes fighting Sonnen. An utterly useless fight if I ever saw one. It's not just Silva. All the dominant champs fight lesser fighters form time to time. GSP fought Hardy for example.

It keeps coming back to Sonnen. Because he wouldn't fight Sonnen the second he got back from his suspension for cheating and money laundering. Well, why should he give the asshole an immediate shot? Have a fight or two first for fecks sake. Would you give a dude an immediate rematch if the last time you fought him he was jacked up and got banned?

But, end of the day, thats not enough to suggest Silva is ducking anybody. You guys are basing this on a few moans from him here and there. The reality is hes fought everybody there is to fight at MW right now aside from Weidman. *Everybody*. Any fight at MW would be silly. When Weidman is back he will get a shot either immediately or after one more win. Those are the facts no matter what Silva says, and he knows it.

It doesnt look like a duck, and it doesnt smell like one... not to me anyway. This mess is simply what you get when you take a fledgling sport with a small roster and combine that with a champion who is totally dominant.
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