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Originally Posted by MMA-Sportsman View Post
Clear example of moaning (Totally hypothetical situation):
"I don't want to fight Jones. He is big and GSP would hurt me less."

Clear example of ducking (Confirmed fact with date and time to happen):
Te boss calls and:
"Whe have saved UFC 151. You are fighting Sonnen, a MW coming from a loss that had no time to prepare."
Answer: "No I refuse to fight him." - UFC 151 joins Titanic on the bottom of the ocean.

Clear example of stepping up (Fact lies in history of UFC):
"I will risk my win streak record to fight on short notice the tough, bigger, hungry, never finished, nothing to lose Bonnar in his last fight and save UFC 153."
Once again, the same old stories. One or two speculative examples. As shallow as a puddle of piss on the pavement. Chael and Weidman over and over again. Even though one of them he beat good 9 months later. And the other is lined up for a shot as we speak.

If you people are going to accuse Silva of ducking, bring more meat and bones to your arguments.
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