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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
Weidman only got injured a couple of months ago, but he should have been scheduled to fight Anderson in the first place rather than yet another top 5 MW eliminator (his third in a row) with Boetsch - another top 5 MW that most people would dismiss like his Munoz win anyway.

IMO there's no such thing as a cleaned out division even in this fledgling sport, there are always more newer fighters rising in a year than the 1-3 guys a champ dispatches in a year.

Even in the current MW division, Anderson hasn't fought Weidman, Rockhold, Lombard, Boetsch, and Cung Le, all guys on good streaks against top competition. Do I think any of those guys aside from Weidman have much chance of beating Anderson? Not really. Rockhold has decent enough wrestling to be another maybe-ish but Weidman's the only real threat.

However, I don't think anyone in the current WW, LHW or FW divisions has much chance of beating GSP, Jones or Aldo either. Doesn't mean they should STOP FIGHTING just because we THINK they can't be beat. Otherwise we might as well stop having fights and be full time armchair experts.

Also I would argue GSP has cleaned out his division even more than Silva ... Silva has had a longer reign as champ, but GSP has more UFC wins (17 to Anderson's 16, 3 of which were weak LHWs) and a much longer and grueling path to the title, as well as much tougher opponents overall (his only weak fight was Hardy, Anderson was occasionally fed weak ass guys far below his level like Cote, Leites, Bonnar, Irvin etc.). Yet GSP is still fighting top contenders when he's healthy, not waiting around. Yeah he picked the #4 WW over the #2 WW for now, but that's not nearly as bad as picking the #42 LHW.

Bottomline, I think Dan's kind of a dick but he sort of has a point here. These waste of time forays by Anderson at LHW are pretty dubious, especially when they seem to pop up whenever there's a wrestler waiting to face him at MW.
You word it as if this happens all the time. Silva went up to LHW 3 times. When he fought Forrest, which MW was he ducking at that time? Or Irvin? Only the Bonnar fight holds any water. That's a single fight.

This is where I have the problem. This idea that Silva consistently dodges wrestlers. And yet, when I ask for evidence, its wafer thin. The arguments keep coming back to Sonnen and Weidman. And my retort is exactly the same. One got beat already and got BANNED FOR CHEATING. Then got a rematch all of 9 months after the ban was lifted.

Weidman should get a shot. I agree. For the sake of argument, lets say Silva was ducking him when he fought Bonnar. That's one solitary valid argument that Silva ducked somebody.

Yet all I'm hearing is exaggerations. "Silva does this shit all the time". Its nonsense with nothing solid to back it up.
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