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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
You word it as if this happens all the time. Silva went up to LHW 3 times. When he fought Forrest, which MW was he ducking at that time? Or Irvin? Only the Bonnar fight holds any water. That's a single fight.

This is where I have the problem. This idea that Silva consistently dodges wrestlers. And yet, when I ask for evidence, its wafer thin. The arguments keep coming back to Sonnen and Weidman. And my retort is exactly the same. One got beat already and got BANNED FOR CHEATING. Then got a rematch all of 9 months after the ban was lifted.

Weidman should get a shot. I agree. For the sake of argument, lets say Silva was ducking him when he fought Bonnar. That's one solitary valid argument that Silva ducked somebody.

Yet all I'm hearing is exaggerations. "Silva does this shit all the time". Its nonsense with nothing solid to back it up.
Ok yeah it's mainly just Weidman, but the whole Bonnar fight, layoff and the constant "Weidman doesn't deserve to fight Anderson" by Soares rubbed me the wrong way, hence my rant.
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