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Originally Posted by 3DLee View Post
I gotta side with Joe Rogan on this one. There is no such thing as a good stand up. If you dont like having the guy on top of you, dont grab him and hold him, move him. And if you can't you lose. Now since we do have the rules that allow stand ups (for the audience purpose, not to make a fair fight) then yes there should be some sort of uniformity. I hate quick standups almost as bad as I hate quick stoppages. Sometimes you just need a little time to inch your way into a position as your opponent tires. Why stand it up for the benefit of the guy that got took down? But since we do, I think at LEAST 30 seconds of non action should take place before a stand up. Maybe less in the final round. I honestly do care more about a fair fight than an entertaing one. This isn't a carnival side show, its a legitimate sport and wins or losses greatly effect an athletes drawing power and income. Maybe a yellow card situation should come into play? Except I dont like a fighter losing his purse on the first card. Maybe losing a point if hes stalling repeatedly would be more effective than our current system. So people that are "Fitching" would lose fights for that instead of winning them. As long as referees did it correctly, I think that'd work great. You take a guy down, do nothing but hold him for 1 minute, you get stood up and warning. Do it again (any time in the fight) you get stood up and a point taken. Again, you get Dq'd. This would also apply to the guy on the bottom if he just grabbed and held on with a death grip and wouldnt advance position. Anyone like that idea?
DQ for lay and pray? I love that idea. It won't work though. There is too much of a fine line between lay and pray and good grappling. Some people may be of the view that a fighter is LnP'ing while another will say hes working to a transition. Alot of the time it's subjective so for a fighter to lose a fight due to what some may regard as lay and pray is a bit unfair. I agree with St.Paul Guy, the fight should only be stood up in a closed guard position and only then. There would need to be about 15-20 seconds of nothing happening in the closed guard though. Dude on top needs a chance to get out. No need for penalties I think.

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