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Originally Posted by evzbc View Post
I don't know who you're trying to convince. Us or yourself...

"been proven" lol, that is simply not true.

When I see a man fight or talk I don't think to myself why he's an attractive man! I look at the quality of what he's doing and judge him on that. I couldn't care less what he looks like.

You guys think he's pretty like I think a woman is pretty. End of story!

I honestly don't care and am just poking a bit of fun. I just think it's very strange that this behavior goes on and nobody has said anything.

"It's like we're straight, be he's SO hot! teehee"

I'm just teasing you gays er I mean guys like a big brother would.

Just makes me lol.
Look at your avatar man. What you talking about?

No but really, Ape City has a point. Its not about finding a dude attractive. Its just some dudes are more asthetically pleasing than others. The 2 photos that Ape City provided prove that.

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