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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
Not seen any of them. Surprisingily. The only American Football movie I've seen is Any Given Sunday. Don't remember much about it, except from Cameron Diaz walking around the lockerroom with dudes everywhere. Oh and the scene where some dudes are having a coke orgy.
One of the BEST football and sports films made. I used that speech to inspire my employees in the past.

That whole film was like a real life depiction of the NFL.

Al Pacino - Cus Damato - Tom Landry

Dennis Quaid = Brett Favre
Willie Beaman = Michael Vick/Warren Moon
Lawrence Taylor = Lawrence Taylor
Charlton Heston = Jerry Jones

Oh yah Jerry Maguire is another football flick I was thinking about. Well sort of...

Originally Posted by OU View Post
Unlike that movie all the Football movies I listed are all based on true stories. Great movies. Rudy is a classic movie about hard work and dedication. Funny enough it's where Vince Vaughn and John Favreau met. Remember the Titans is a true story about a high school football team integrating white and black players. The coach is Denzel, Oppie from SOA is a youngster in the movie. It's fantastic. Then you have Friday Night Lights where Billy Bob Thorton is the coach. That's just a raw look about just how serious football is taken in some areas here in the US and the extreme pressure put on the kids/players. It's also fantastic. There is a TV series with the same title that is also great.

Varsity Blues is an old comedy but it's also fantastic. I think it was Paul Walker's debut? Also the whip creme bikini...
What about Unnecessary Roughness...hah...hah. Invicible is another. I'm going to throw in Lucas too. It was a great film with Corey Haim that did involve football. Charley Sheene and Courtney Thorne Smith were in it too. Sad how all these childhood actors/actresses are gone now.

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