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Originally Posted by Cowgirl View Post
Maybe he's not concerned about it because he doesn't abuse it?

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Dunno how you can abuse TRT when its Doctor approved, supervised and they provide the amounts, and the TRT users have to give notice to the UFC beforehand which they have done. The only guys who hasent was Sonnen and Marquardt, their first times, and were the only guys were who were punished for it. Sonnen shouldnt be confident about TRT when he has a red flag, unless he is trying to divert attention away from himself towards other guys like Belfort. I hate TRT because after you get your TRT, you can probably sneak in some PEDs somewhere and just say the elevated testosterone was due to the TRT. I would say this would be the real abuse of TRT not whatever Dana comes up with, especially when he operates off favoritism. Such a grey area.

Im not a big supporter of TRT anyways, never have been, I just want it banned entirely.
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