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Not long time ago I was having this conversation with Ari about UFC being political or not and I said politics is all around us. Regarding Fitch release, it smells politics all over as well. It doesn't matter he won't be champ. He is a solid gatekeeper and although I hate his style, I have to agree he is powerful in his game and I am sad to see he is leaving.
You know that fella in your company you know is a plain incompetent but got a management position ahead of you? Well, that works both ways. If we all agree that technically, Fitch should not be cut, most probably outstanding reasons(political, finnancial) got him cut. I vote in an old( or recent, who knows) disagreement with the big boss and I agree with LyotoLegion here - inspite being Brazilian, I can't understand Tibau is waving goodby to Fitch if politcs wouldn't be envolved somehow.
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