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Originally Posted by John8204 View Post
To help you in your hour of need I present to you, 13 minutes of Russian dash board cameras.

Rep if you actually watched the entire vid.

Here are some taglines that go along with this wonderful vid of dashboard recordings.

1.) Got Vodka?

2.) Grand Theft Auto - Moscow Edition

3.) Support Russian Autobahn.

4.) помочь я пьян
pomochʹ ya pʹyan (help I'm drunk.)

5.) Я люблю водку
YA lyublyu vodku (I love Vodka)

6.) This is what happens when you listen to electronica music while driving. Unce...unce...unce...unce...unce...unce...

7.) Вы дерзкий ублюдок ты бросилась в меня
you cheeky bastard you ran into me


8.) Я чертовски сумасшедший России выйти из мой гребаный путь

YA chertovski sumasshedshiy Rossii vyyti iz moy grebanyy putʹ

English translation: "I'm a crazy ******* russian get out of my ******* way."

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