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I'm not going to lie, nationality plays a mild part in who I root for. Of course it's certainly not the most important factor, but if two fighters from different nationalities I like are facing each other, odds are I'm going to root for the American guy. I've got nothing against some of the nationalities that are represented in the UFC. I've been to Canada and the UK and love both places. I don't root for many Brazilian fighters (Machida and Maia being huge exceptions) but I have nothing against Brazil.

But of course because I'm American, it's bad to be patriotic

Back on topic,

I'm pretty torn about the main event. On one hand, I want Rousey to lose simply because I like Carmouche a lot and I want to see the look on Dana's face should that be the result. On the other hand, if Rousey loses, Women's MMA wll likely take a large step back. I think that the UFC have some ladies that could potentially be pretty marketable (IMO).
I'm a big fan of both Machida and Henderson. I'd like to see Henderson win because I want him to get his last shot at the belt and go out on a high note, win or lose. I want to see Machida win because I truly believe that he is capable of beating Jon Jones, despite his loss a little over a year ago. Either way I'll be happy and sad with the result.
I like Menjivar but Faber is one of my favorite fighters. I'd like to see Faber pull off the win.
Wouldn't mind seeing Court win in his WW debut. His drop is long overdue.
I'd love for Lawler to knock Koscheck out, but that's wishful thinking. Lawler has looked like hell lately.
Seeing Schaub try and ride another imaginary bicycle to heaven again would be wonderful.
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