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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
Of course! Its a pre-requisite for threads like these! It was called Teenage Mutant Hero turtles in England though.

If the forum members were TMNT I think I'd be Michaelangelo, because well, I'm a party dude. KRY would be Leonardo. Roflcopter would be Raphael, you know, he's cool but rude! Old fan would be splinter.

Who would be Donatello? Anyone here 'do' machines?
LL would be Krang. Life B Ez would be Rocksteady with Budhi as Bebop. Ari or Liz can take turns being April. Shredder needs to be an evil genius; perhaps Osmium. He can be a cantankerous sob to others, but I always find his posts to be blatantly honest. I can't believe I'm even writing this. Tyson, we're grown ass men talking about who we'd be. Flashbacks to grade school...lolz!

Thanks for taking me back to the good ol' dayz!

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