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All Of The Fat!!!1!1

Over the last few years I've played with a lot of different diet plans and variations on them for the sake of a general healthy lifestyle, athletic performance, and obviously cutting weight.

The first modification I made to my average American unhealthy diet was to substitute high GI carbs for lower ones -- ie: white rice for brown rice.

The next thing I started to do was increase my protein intake, and try to cut down on the fat.

Flash forward a few years, I'm living with my buddy who is an avid jiujitsu practitioner and crossfit...guy. He'd been using the zone diet for a few years with success, but has recently jumped over to a more paleo-centric approach.

By coincidence I've been gradually moving in that direction lately, and I've gone pretty close to full paleo for a fight camp before. I've pulled back a bit because I hate how much it shocks my system when I reintroduce celebratory junk food after a fight.

Nowadays I'm all about lentils, quinoa, and spaghetti squash for my carbs (obviously in addition to vegetables and some fruits). The biggest, most recent change to my diet has been my fat intake.

At my roommate's suggestion, I've been (way) more liberal about my fat intake. I've been eating tons of bacon, using bacon grease to cook, having lots of almond butter, and whatnot. Now I'd expect the bacon to put some chub on me, but much to my surprise it's done the exact opposite!

In 3 weeks I gained 5 pounds of muscle mass. At 154, I was looking as lean as I did at 145, but wayy bigger. It was freakish how upping my fat intake, despite having the same protein intake, influenced my body.

Now the downside to this is that I've been having a SUPER hard time losing weight for my fight. This high protein/high fat thing makes the fat melt away, but its so difficult to lose literal weight, because I've become so much leaner at a higher weight.

So for my cut to 135, I've switched it around to a high protein, medium fat, low carb diet just to make weight. And it works, despite the suckage of the whole thing. But my god, if I didn't have to be at a specific weight and just wanted to be shredded, I would eat ALL OF THE FAT!


Has anyone else tried this or had similar experiences?

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