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Originally Posted by mawrestler125 View Post
"Hehe, guys, cooome on, I'm just playin around. I mean, you all are a bunch of F**s, but seriously! I'm just pokin fun.

GAYS, err I mean people, are equal with everyone else, except for the fact that they are worthless and should die a horrible death."

*meanwhile in inner monologue*

"I want Machida, so badly, I mean, freaks!, I can't believe they said he was good looking. but his face is really cute... I mean no! etc..."
Look, if you guys are reading into what I've said as much as this guy ^^^ you're taking it too seriously.

Just because I teased a couple people and called them gay doesn't mean I think being gay is a bad thing. Far from it.

When you guys take such offense to gay jokes, it makes me think you feel being gay is a bad thing. I don't think it is.
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