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Originally Posted by joeyp View Post
people dont hate you because youre successful. people hate you because you are loud, obnoxious, dishonest and wrong. you control fighters and tell them how to fight. this corrupts the whole point of a fight league. too much arbitrary power and not enough appreciation of feedback. ufc is so successful it just dropped a top 15 WW, because it couldnt afford him? but it has a shit load of flyweights, women and tufers no one gives a shit about. it has 50 featherweights and a piss poor division about to hit its second title fight from outside its own weight category. ppvs are down, fox is failing and the fertittas just lost 1/4 of their own fortune. but hey, **** the fans.

hes right that no one knows who they are. and yet its bigger than football lol.

hes right about trt.

is it a business or a sport dana? ufc makes bank and has people on shitty contracts in the first place. if you love the sport, then why the **** are you cutting top 15 fighters.

other sports dont relegate winners. team sports arent ****in individual sports. its a different dynamic. also dana cant act like fitch is on the downside of his career. this is bullshit. if hes on the down side then cut him when he is out of the elite rankings. not when he is rightfully amongst the top 15 in the world. where the hell is wandy then. and has dana never seen a bloody sport other than mma. so many teams and competitors dip in the rankings and then come back. hes lost 1 fight, won 1 fight, lost 1 and drew 1. thats not a bad record against a hall of famer, a 2 title contenders and the hottest prospect in the division.

dana is full of shit.

fitch would ****in kill diaz. and he is fighting for the title after losing to a shittier fighter than hendricks, who also just fought for the title.

he was 14-3-1 and living in arguably the top division in the sport today, under one of its greatest champs. he never won a title because he stayed out of loyalty. and i consider fedor a ****in hall of famer, you ****in sping.

jon fitch would legit beat the shit out of a few of the ufc hall of fame. we know that.

dana seems drunk or ill to be honest.

he dont hate fitch or his style so he cuts a top 15 guy because he felt he was falling in the rankings. cool. only he is still top 15 in the rankings and in prime age, so how about **** off.

how the **** is it a combat sport when you are shitting on its legitimacy.

best in the world ? 14-3-1.

lay on guys? like its easy to be a ****in 16 streak ww.

**** dana.

the funniest part of the video is when he goes full retard and actually forgets the lies the brothers were telling him to say.

dip shit.
First off, a large number of people like WMMA and flyweights, so drop the 'no one likes it' schtick, it's tiresome and inaccurate. Second off, quit pluralizing the word fighter when you say 'top 15 fighter.' there was only one top WW cut. Also, you take DW butthurt to a whole new level.

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