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Originally Posted by joeyp View Post
right, and youl still be here with zero content, zero counter points and just enough money to justify them listening to the total mindless shit you have to say.

i add to this, all you do is stain my laptop with your dumb ****.

the fact you cant read is no ones issue but your own.

they can ban me tonight, and itl be a poorer place in the morning. the only reason you even exist in the first place, is because you are that ****in sad, you needed to pay people to listen to you.

really. i have seen the evidence of that everywhere from ppvs to forums to word of mouth in the street. the ufc does hos and midgets. cool. here comes honda shooting her mouth off again.

when you cut a top ten fighter, you are in the process of cutting top ten fighters. thats how it works. english. learn it.

you crawl inside danas buttocks to a whole new level. im just telling the truth on the internet. he is right about one thing tho, you live inside a bubble, because in any other sport relegating a top 15 performer or team in a league of 75 is beyond ****in stupid and the total antithesis of sport or sports business.
Just so you know I gave you a neg. Why? well read your own posts, should tell you more.

You make no sense here, now crawl back into the hole they call sherdog, and troll away. Waste of space on here

Ps. Take Grapple with you. you guys are perfect for each other.

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