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Originally Posted by HexRei
Umm, so are you saying that your green stripe makes you able to cause people to lose weight? You have a black belt with a green stripe in conditioning? :P

It seemed silly to cite your martial arts rank in the context of getting in shape, so i made a joke about you fighting him.

Anyway, it was meant as a joke regardless. I took it lightheartedly and I hope you will too...
no i meant that my green stripe makes me a beginner wuss, nevertheless i have always been good at motivating people in that type of environment. had I not broken my ankle at the end of mar. i would have been testing for green belt tomorrow. no black belt will be happening for a few more years. for conditioning tho, i can outlast people 15 years younger than me, who are athletes in school.

martial arts as it pertains to getting in shape, has a lot more to do with determination and heart than brute force (although brute force is definitely helpful). that's why I brought it up.

of course I took it lightheartedly. i don't get annoyed by stuff like that.
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