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Originally Posted by MMA freak
I'm sorry but if Koscheck couldn't beat Drew Fickett he wouldn't stand a chance against Hughes. Plus Hughes could out wrestle and out strike Koscheck and Hughes also has the tools to out strike Koscheck. Hughes is way more well rounded then Koscheck, Hughes is one of the top 5 well rounded in the UFC.

Koscheck doesn't stand being a middleweight or welterweight champion. There are about 5-7 guys from each division I can name that would beat him and bring up the facts. I think Koschecks best win would be against guys like Josh Neer or Nick Diaz.

Sorry but I don't think Koscheck has what it takes to be a champion and plus he will always be a preliminary fighter in my opinion for PPVs.

Koscheck is nothing more than another lousy college wrestler gone MMA fighter. I'm tired of those guys. That's what makes PrideFc more exciting.

Besides, Koscheck is quite the garbage. His submitions suck, his striking is sloppy(Besides for a lucky punch. Remember, Randleman knocked out CroCop with a lucky punch also.), and he's in a league where he doesn't belong. I reccomend demoting him to King of the Cage or Cage Rage.
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