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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
As I said in another thread, I believe it to be a bit of a dirty tactic by the UFC to renegotiate Jon's contract. Fitch will go to a lesser organization, win a fight or two, and the UFC will bring him back at a lower pay rate.
Why couldn't you have just posted this as your initial response to the OP? I'm not trying to get into some heated debate, I've had enough of them lately, but the way new members are treated on here is quite terrible.

The OP raised some good, valid points about this entire ordeal and he also did in the other thread he created.

He's obviously pissed off at how the UFC have cut Fitch, as are lots of people, and that was evident in his OP. But that still doesn't dismiss the validity of his points.

Instead of people discussing the topic at hand, he's instantly greeted with long time members throwing jibes and cheeky, unnecessary insults at him. Why not just respond to the OP at hand and address some of his points like you did just then.

One of the downfalls of this website is the ability to attract and keep new members. Any time a new member posts a thread and uses a few swear words, long term members instantly see an opportunity to shoot them down and bait them into stuff knowing full well it will be fun to get them banned.

Regardless of how passionate he was about the situation, his points were still valid and relevant to the topic, but instead of discussing the topic we have members throwing cheap insults at him knowing full well he will react aggressively in hopes of getting him banned.
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