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Originally Posted by K R Y View Post
The Daylight War by Peter V. Brett. Third book in the Demon Cycle series.

Amazing fantasy books. Extremely deep story and lore. Really enjoying the third installment, maybe not as much as the first and second books, but I still have 150 pages to go. Each main character has such an amazing back story and personality, extremely character driven with some amazing fight sequences with one of the mains becoming more powerful(think god like powers) by the page, though doesn't perfect or immortal. He has obvious flaws and is out numbered and out matched by antagonists of the series. Can't help but care about all the main characters, even if some of them are fuuuucked up.

Love this series.
You read a ton of fantasy books. You ever read Robert Asprin or Asimov.

Finished Jonathan Duhamel's book awhile ago, almost finished with Other People's Money. It's like a UK version of Catch Me If You Can. Then reading another book by the same author of 48 Laws Of Power called Mastery. Potent book.

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