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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
LL would be Krang. Life B Ez would be Rocksteady with Budhi as Bebop. Ari or Liz can take turns being April. Shredder needs to be an evil genius; perhaps Osmium. He can be a cantankerous sob to others, but I always find his posts to be blatantly honest. I can't believe I'm even writing this. Tyson, we're grown ass men talking about who we'd be. Flashbacks to grade school...lolz!
Thanks for taking me back to the good ol' dayz!
Damn straight we are! Lol @ Ari and Liz taking turns to be April. Awesome.

Originally Posted by luckbox View Post
Used to get up every Sunday morning to watch this. The theme still sends nostalgia shivers down my spine.
Me too man.

Originally Posted by K R Y View Post
Pokemon was leaps and bounds better than that crappy digimon rubbish

Oh my days. Trapdoor! Now that is an early one! Captain Planet was literally the dogs bollocks. Highly entertaining and taught you to look after the earth too! Not sure about the ring with the power of heart though! That hardly ever did anything.

I wonder if anyone remembers this? You'll probably have to be British. This is literally my earliest memory of a TV show.


And can you get a more awesome opening theme than Sharkey and George?

And a rep for anyone who remembers this one.

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