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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
It's corporate downsizing without the benefits. The infrastructure is now becoming bloated so it's beginning to contract especially after the SF buy out. I sincerely hope the UFC has not peaked cuz they're one of the companies that are on an upsurge during the recession.

Look at Best Buy, Blockbusters video, Circuit City, JC Pennys, Sears, etc. They're all closing shops entirely cutting out thousands of jobs.

This is the first time we're seeing it on this scale and unfortunately any minute reason gives them a cause. If you miss a deadline you're reprimanded, but if you miss work and underperform then it's cause for dismissal. In the UFC it boils down to the W's and L's that's it.

It's a three tiered plan.

1.) Make the company roster leaner. Sports teams do this all the time. They've reached a tipping point.

2.) Use Fitch as a martyr to show that anybody is capable of being cut if you under perform even for one fight.

3.) Don't bite the hand that feeds you. (refer to #3. Randy is on this list as well after the fact.)
- not wanting to fight Kos
- video game disagreement
- with the exception of the E. Silva fight, fighting in a non-fan friendly manner

If you really think about it, it's not just them. When Chuck, Tito, BJ started losing what did Dana say. Granted they got more opportunities to fight, but the results were the same, but worded differently. The business can NOT run without drawing seats. If you're losing and you're not drawing then how can they justify paying out said purse fees. It's a losing venture.

*Note* UFC 151 played a catalyst. Any other org would have shut doors after that fiasco.
So what you're saying is that this is all Jon Jones' fault
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