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If you are still asking which is "better" than you missed my point all together. I also saw someone post saying that bjj is clearly the best.

Firstly, I fought a guy who was "bjj all the way" and i beat him in 1:44 with a standing armlock and a knee to the face, traditional jjj. I you think that one style is better I would dare you to try training in just one and stepping into an MMA ring with someone who has studied everything, but you may not like the outcome.

Secondly, the inovations of Helio Gracie that make bjj so incredibly powerful are little things like leverage that can be easily applied in jjj. The 2 feed off of each other. There is some striking in jjj and that is almost completely overlooked in bjj.

If you want to study one it depends on what you are looking for, if you were to only study 1 ma I would definitely suggest bjj, just because of how useful I've seen it can be, but it is always important to remember that if you think 1 way is the only way you'll get destroyed.

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