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Originally Posted by Dana White
You better fight your ******* ass off, make it good and win. That's the only way people want to see you. People want to see you when you're exciting, you know? Unfortunate, sucks, it would be nice if you could just go lay on a guy for three rounds and people would love it and want to buy all your pay-per-views (PPV). Welcome to the ******* real world guys, that's not how it works.
well, "lay and pray" can only happen if the opposing fighter is less skilled. Thus, if anyone should be cut, is the fighter with the lack of grappling skills, not the fighter that can implement his game plan.
From another (non-MMA-related) forum - and I agree fully.

Man, I already miss having some real competition for the UFC & I'm just tired of this crap. F*@% this $#!< .
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