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The UFC is a business. They aren't cutting guys because they don't like them. Well maybe in Fitch's case. They make business decisions. They can't keep everyone. They have more fighters on their roster than ever, Dana said they have about 100 too many fighters still.

Don't call it a BS cut when you have no idea what the details are in the contracts and how they go about releasing guys.

If a sports team cuts a guy, no one calls it BS. Fans may have wanted the guy to stay on the team, but no one knows the details.

UFC is making cuts it sees fit. They have a ton of fighters.

Originally Posted by OU View Post
Sad that this is accepted without any issue. I'm sure if he was British you ****ers would be singing a different tune. Makes me sick.
You are really this upset? You are the Drama Queen of this place. That much is certain.
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