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Very unimpressive fight, with lots of dumbass shit from both fighters, especially Hendo. The leg kicks were connecting every let's stop doing them and just try to setup that right hand. Oh yeah, and be sure to let Machida circle away from the fence when you spent the last 45 seconds getting him there, just so you can spend the next minute doing it all over again. The stupid, it hurts. As for Machida, body kicks you dumbass, throw more of them because they land every time and it kills Hendo's cardio. And do not fight as a righty since that's just giving Hendo an easier time to land his right hand. And of course Hendo never saw that, every time Machida went to an orthodox stance he should've gone leg kick right hand, but he never did.

Goddamnit that fight was frustrating to watch. So many basic mistakes and missed opportunities.
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