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i want to thank everybody for not spoiling all the details of the ruediger sweatin clusterf*** . when he lay on his stomach naked by the pool I laughed so hard I almost spilled my vodka. Almost.

The only thing that would have impeded my going all lou gossett on him like BJ etc. were doing, is that I couldn't have dragged him out of the pool, in and out of the steam bath etc (not at 170-177 anyway). I would have been in his face the whole time on the bike and the treadmill yelling. those guys were awfully polite "come on man. back on the bike man." in normal tones wtf????

I still like the tuf 2 sequence where rashad is barbering rob mcdonald before their fight. i thought it was a good show of rei (japanese? term meaning honor and courtesy all the time even toward your adversary).

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