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Originally Posted by BJJ Boy
Sorry man, i just re read what i said and i totaly sound like an asshole. Im sorry buddy.
No worries. I understand that if you don't look at it that way it can look like I'm padding posts.

Anyway, here's a new entry for those guys who are interested:

I've been training with Eduardo Rocha for about 3 weeks now and I'm a small guy training in the adult classes, so I give up about 40 pounds and 4 inches to all of my training partners.

I was working takedowns on thursday and it's not a huge space, but it works fine. I realize that most of my training partners don't really have takedowns, because they just want the fight to go to the ground so they can work for position than a submission.

I don't know if it's just a side effect of them being beginning grapplers, but they aren't thinking about their position or their first submission attempt while we're standing and it's like giving me a head start.

We were chilling before we got started, just throwing each other around a little bit and I shot on one of my partners but, instead of grabbing his legs for the double like he expected me too, I transitioned to an outside leg sweep to set up side control, but I placed my legs farther up to set up the armbar.

The other guys were so surprised that I threw down a bigger wrestler that they wanted to see what I did. It wasn't anything complicated, just a basic outside leg sweep, but it was something that they hadn't seen before.

The point is, don't give up the fight while your still standing. Be aware of what position you could end up in next and what submissions your opponent might try to set up.

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