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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
I give Liz credit for staying game. But in the end she lost via armbar in the first. If we want to hold a parade because it was later in the first, then so be it.

We all thought armbar in firs 2 minutes. It was armbar in first 4.5 minutes. HooooRaaay! Ronda is still a novice in MMA. She had a headlock with no real angle on an armbar. So she just held a side headlock like WWE. How many guys get trapped in a side sitting down headlock for minutes? Liz finally escaped like any decent fighter would.

Faber got a much more experienced fighters back and finished. Liz got Ronda's back and tried to neck crank and then fell off her back.

I give her credit because she did better than any other woman. Well didn't Tate have Ronda's back too? So just as good as any other fighter has. But in the end it was a 1st round armbar.
Originally Posted by AlphaDawg View Post
The PPV wasn't that bad. You had an upset in Lawler/Kos, an active fight in McGee/Neer, a beautiful submission by Faber and a decent ME. The only bad fight was Machida/Henderson, which was OBVIOUSLY going to suck. Who honestly thought that fight would be good? Anyone?

And why is everyone overplaying the main event? Because Rogan was going crazy over a lousy neck crank? Come on. It wasn't that good. It was the 4th best fight of the night, and that's being generous.
Stupid post.

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